63. German and British Cultural Identity – Paco Erhard interview part 2

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This is the continuation of my interview with the German comedian Paco Erhard.

Visit Paco’s website here: www.germancomedy.com/www.pacoerhard.com

Paco is a great comedian who is doing very interesting work related to cross-cultural understanding. Do check out his show if you get the chance!

Here are the details of Paco’s Brighton and Edinburgh shows which you must check out!

Brighton Fringe Festival:

9.05., 10.05., 11.05., 16.05., 18.05.2011 – 7.45pm – The Hobgoblin

Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

05.08. – 28.08.2011 – 6pm – Three Sisters / Gothic Room

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: luketeacher@hotmail.com



  • Orion team (Antonio)

    Hi, people, finally, after six years, we have transcribedc this episode. of course we have some gaps which could be filled by any of you with your suggestions.


  • Volodya

    sorry, have you transcription for this podcast? I`ve read – you had some problems with the uploading, probably… even if don`t see it … ?

  • Yves

    Air dryer that doesn’t work… Here in France two hypothesies: Somebody will smash this b…y machine so it will be out of order for good, or well never mind nobody wash their hands anyway.
    I really wonder if people in England do read tabloïd papers they buy them but do they read them?I sometime think that they get them deliver by paper boys every day, like milk, some sort of habit. ( I’m not sure about milk nowdays) they look at the recipe of the day,the sport page and that all or maybe they need the paper for the cat…

    • Some people read them from front to back, and believe all the nonsense that’s written within the pages. That’s the worrying thing!

  • “You’re a great nation, but you’re just not doing very much right now…”

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