166. The Prawn Story

An undersea tale of identity loss, and shrimp; this is one of those rather ridiculous improvised stories which is loosely based on an old joke. This kind of episode is for listeners who just enjoy listening to some silly fun. Normal educational podcasting will be resumed in due course. Have a good day!

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To get the joke you have to know this expression: “I’ve found God, and I’m a born again Christian”. That’s not an indication of the plot of this story, it’s just a phrase you should know in order to get the (frankly terrible) punchline at the end of the story. It’s not tale of religious belief, although you can interpret it that way if you want (I’m not sure how!). But anyway, j
ust hold that sentence in the back of your mind while listening to this story. The story is based on an old joke, and should be 2 minutes long but I’m going to make it last about half an hour.

Some of you might not understand this – and that’s okay. You don’t have to get it. I’m not really teaching you anything. I’m just telling you a colourful and silly story, which I’m just making up off the top of my head. I do these episodes from time to time, and they prove very popular with some of my listeners. It’s a challenge for me, because I’ve got no idea how I’m going to make it last an hour, while making sure it makes some sense. Normal podcasting will be resumed very soon, including planned episodes about memory, slang, and more.

If you fancy transcribing this episode, click here to access the google doc.

  • Naomi

    I loved this story so much! Thank you Luke! You are awesome!
    Why don’t you make an audio book?
    Bye bye bye

  • Mikhail

    Hmmm….what’s the correct term in UK english…shrimp or prawn?interchangable?

  • Hello.

    You are often talking about something like that – ‘…this is the most ridiculous episode, nobody will listen this…’
    I don’t want to be rude. No offence, but to be honest – it’s true this is crap! I really like your podcast and you have a lot ideas. You said – ‘ I will make podcast about movie, comedy, cooking, ninjas, penguins, surgery, african porno, how to make a billion pounds selling air… ‘
    So wish you luck, we’ll wait.
    P.S. For me the best episodes with your brother Jim…=)

    • Thanks ;)
      And yes, Jim is awesome. I hope to get him on the podcast again soon.

  • Andrzej

    I’m pleased to say that transcribing this episode has been finished.

  • Petra Dvorakova

    really the best lesson!

  • gio

    What about a new episode about a denigrated mood: the subjunctive! Grammar fans like me will surely enjoy such an intricated and majestic topic dicussed by none other than our loved MASTER =) you’re the best Luke!

  • Andrzej

    Hi Luke,
    Your prawns tasted very good despite the fact that they were neither mad nor vicious. They did not sing to often either. I have to admit that it took me a while to get the joke. Great! I have also found you story encouraging so, now I must be off to eat as much mud as I can. I hope I am something better in my next life. Maybe a TBM of some kind… Who knows. As ever, thanks for new vocabulary and expressions. Bye.

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Luke
    you are Absolutely a amazing teacher !!!
    Thank you so much with your fantastic podcast. God bless you with everlasting joy!

  • Thank you for your amazing podcasts! Love you so much! Keep up the good work!