221. A Cup of Tea with Corneliu Dragomirescu (Part 2)

Here’s the rest of my conversation with “The Son of the Dragon Tamer”. Right-click here to download this episode. Click here to listen to part 1.

In Part 2
– The difference “pleasshure” and “pleasure”, “bio” and “B.O.”
– The importance of ‘passion’ in France
– Jamie Oliver’s (fake?) cockney accent
– British & American English
– Corneliu’s experiences in America, his acting and his accent
– Corneliu’s learning experiences with a great teacher when he was a child
– The interesting course-book (Essential English for Foreign Students by C. E. Eckersley) which Corneliu used in his English lessons
– The myth of ‘the English gentleman’
– Depictions of Englishness in films
– Stereotypes of Romania
– Romania & Bulgaria’s entry into the EU and the media panic related to migrant workers
– Vampires, Dracula and Romania

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Essential English for Foreign Students by C. E. ECKERSLEY

  • Orion team

    Well, Luke. the #221. A Cup of Tea with Corneliu Dragomirescu (Part 2) is done and it has been a pleasure to stay a moment with your frien Corneliu.


    As usual we hope people will come to improve the text while working on it.

    • Nice one! By the way, I told Corneliu that you’d been transcribing our episodes and that you really enjoyed listening to what he had to say. He told me to tell you he was really glad to hear that!

      • Orion team

        Thank you luke. This transcription project is interesting because when we transcribe and proofread the text repeating the sentences we can’t understand make us thinking more deeply about what you and your guests are telling us. I am impressed by your knowledge.

        Anyway. AJ Hoge has done a little video about 1066 as an important year for the British language which explains the influence of the French language in the actual English. Maybe you could do episodes about the important moments of your country history. Not a general one but different episodes. It could be interesting.


        Good night. It is nice to you to answer to LEPsters as often as you usually do.

  • Orion team

    Hi Luke, You can tell to your friend Corneliu that we are transcribing his episodes and that I find them really interesting. He looks a warm and nice person.