275. The Phrasal Verb Chronicles #2

100 episodes ago I recorded The Phrasal Verb Chronicles #1 – remember that? The point of that episode was to improvise a made-up story as a way of reviewing the first 50 phrasal verbs from my other podcast which is called A Phrasal Verb A Day. I had to just come up with a random story, and add in a load of phrasal verbs. Your task was to try and spot the phrasal verbs as I used them, while also following the story. It’s time to do it again because I’ve done over 100 episodes of A Phrasal Verb A Day. So now, in this episode I’m going to attempt to improvise another story using phrasal verbs #51-100. Click here to listen to The Phrasal Verb Chronicles #1.

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A quick note about A Phrasal Verb a Day
Do you know about my other podcast? It’s a real thing, there are currently about 107 episodes available free for you. You can find all the details, every episode and the RSS feed and iTunes links on teacherluke.co.uk. Just click “A Phrasal Verb a Day” in the menu. You can also find it in iTunes. I started it at the beginning of last year and my aim was to record an episode every day. I managed to keep up that rhythm of one a day for the first few months, but then I found that I couldn’t keep doing them every day. So, the recording and uploading of APVAD has become very sporadic as my daily routine has been really hectic (as usual). But, it is still alive and kicking and I plan to go back to it regularly to upload more episodes. Eventually, the plan is to hit 365 episodes and then it will be finished. In each episode I teach you a different phrasal verb, give you explanations and provide loads of examples of the different meanings and other things you should know. There are also transcripts for all 104 episodes (to date). Phrasal verbs are a vitally important part of fluent and natural sounding English, and are often one of the hardest aspects of the language to learn. You can use my series as a way to get a grip on this difficult aspect of English. Listening to my short phrasal verb episodes regularly can make a really big difference to your English learning, so if you haven’t already done so I recommend that you check it out today. Teacherluke.co.uk and then click A PHRASAL VERB A DAY in the menu, or just google “A Phrasal Verb a Day”. You can subscribe to it in iTunes, download them, listen to them on my website or whatever is most convenient for you – just like episodes of Luke’s English Podcast.

Now, back to this episode.
It’s important to review vocabulary – it’s vital to go over language again and again and we also know that it’s important to get vivid and meaningful connections to words to help you remember them. Hopefully this story will help that process.

I’ve already gone through meanings and explanations of all these phrases in each phrasal verb episode. If you want to go back and study them in more detail, you can just go back to those individual little episodes – the links to all of them are available on the page for this episode. You’ll see a list, and you can click on each phrasal verb to listen to that episode.

In this episode let’s focus on you just noticing these phrases as they are used in natural speech within the context of a story. You’re going to play a game of Vocab Hunter! (exciting) Does that help to make it interesting? If you need extra excitement you can imagine you’re shooting the vocab from the sky whenever you hear it. You can even do a hand gesture, like you’re shooting a gun, like ‘pow’ every time you hear one. Obviously, watch out if you do that on public transport. People tend to be a bit funny about people pretending to shoot imaginary words that only they can see, while on a bus surrounded by people – but on the plus side, you’ll probably get an empty seat next to you and plenty of space to stretch out and really relax while you listen to this episode and play vocab hunter.

Anyway, as I was saying, it’s important to get used to noticing language as it is being used in context, rather than just being spoon fed vocabulary bit by bit, by a teacher, in a slightly mechanical way. Ultimately, it really helps you pick up language when you actually hear it being used to serve a communicative purpose. So your challenge in this episode is just to try to follow the story while noticing 50 phrasal verbs as they’re being used. The phrasal verbs will appear in alphabetical order. In fact, there may be more than 50 as I’m sure other phrasal verbs will just naturally crop up in my speech (there was one already – to crop up).

My challenge is just try try and make this a coherent story, while including all the phrasal verbs. I have no idea where my story is going to go! I just hope that it all makes sense and that I find a way to use every single phrasal verb in order.

It’s going to be difficult, it’s going to be fun and I hope you enjoy the story. I will go through the list when I’ve finished so you will know which ones you should have noticed. Remember, the list of these phrasal verbs, with mini podcast episodes explaining each one, is available on the page for this episode.

So, let’s begin the phrasal verb chronicles, episode two – phrasal verbs 51-100.


  • Martin

    Hi Luke,
    Thank you so much for the amazing podcast! Since you mentioned in this episode, that you would appreciate a few more reviews on iTunes, I just wanted to let you know that I wrote a review a few weeks ago. I really tried my best to express my opinion in a structured way using the best bits of language that I had. Unfortunately, when I pressed the send button, iTunes said “thank you very much for your review” and that was it. My text never appeared in the review section of your podcast. I don’t know much about the iTunes policy. Maybe there is some kind of quality management, or they publish only every third comment or I did something wrong. Who knows. Maybe this is a general problem that many listeners her, or maybe I am the only one. Considering the fact that you have thousands of loyal listeners and only a handful of comments I assume that there is something wrong with the iTunes store. Don’t be disappointed by your listeners, don’t be disappointed by your listeners.
    All the best

    • Thank you Martin!
      Yes I find iTunes pretty mysterious too. I’m sure more reviews have been submitted but not many appear on their pages. Also there’s a different iTunes for each region so the reviews made in one country are only visible in that country.
      Anyway, thank you very much for your review and I hope you continue to enjoy my episodes!

  • Lucke!
    You are so wonderful chatterbox!

    I love your way of teaching PVerbs. So funy way! Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Lidia, I’m glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for listening. Luke :)

  • Amber

    What a silly story and such a silly characters and situations – LOVE it! :-D Great job using all those PVs. I also think it would be so cool if there’s an audiobook read by you.
    The only thing that bothered me a little was intro that goes on and on… which made me impatience to hear the main thing already – a story. I guess that was the point of a long intro.
    “Shooting” phrasal verbs as if they were clay pigeons was so much fun. Good idea! Next time I listen to this episode I’ll use pencil and try writing check marks, for a change. Then count them to see how many of them I’ll get. :-)

    • Yes I have a habit of going on and on in those introductions. I must cut that out! Glad you enjoyed the stupid story. :)

  • Nice Episode you did it great!!
    There should be an audible book read by you.
    I don´t know why but when you said you saw your ex giirl with another man i remembered the lyrics of no reply “‘Cause you walked hand in hand, With another man in my place’ random stuff I know..
    Nice embed audio change for audioboom.

    Nothing else to say cheers

  • i’d like to thank you, I understand every single word of what you saying, which makes me happy. And while I am listening to your podcast, so i got a good pronunciation
    thank you so much. but there’s something that i don’t understand after 30 days what will happen.

    • If you sign up to the audible trial? After 30 days you become a member and they charge you $15 dollars every month and that includes one audiobook credit every month. But you can cancel your membership before 30 days and you pay nothing, but you can keep your audiobook.

      This only applies if you’ve signed up to be a member of Audible here www.audibletrial.com/teacherluke

  • Javier

    Another great brilliant one. I love it when you play around and make up such crazy stories.
    thanks again!

  • Elisa

    :) What a Story, LOL!

  • I genuinely missed this kind of episode. Epic as ever! Your way of dealing with situtations when you don’t know what to say next is pure gold. Could you please do one episode specifically on this? I would love to work on these techniques myself.

  • The moment we dive into your episode and it becomes connected to our thoughts . Your uniqueness opens the landscape of English learning . You have the power to make us see the moon and count the stars . You always cover all the bases in language and life . Super AWESOME ! THUMBS UP ! KEEP COOL !!! Thank you !