I was interviewed by Olly Richards on his podcast, called “I Will Teach You a Language” and we talked about language learning

Did you enjoy episode 332 of my podcast, with Olly Richards? It seems to have been a popular one. If you did enjoy it, you might want to check out this new episode of Olly’s podcast, because he interviewed me. *I’m so proud right now*


I was very happy to be interviewed by Olly because I listen to his podcast and think it’s great. He always gives such practical and motivating tips for language learning and all his advice comes from his own valuable experience as a learner of many languages. I was glad to be considered a worthy guest.

Olly chose to ask me about being a teacher and podcaster and what I’d learned from those experiences. Like in LEP#332 we continue to talk about some key principles about being a good language learner – attitude, time, practice and material. We also reflect on 7 years of Luke’s English Podcast (has it really been 7 years?!) and the pros and cons of the language classroom as a learning space.

Head over to Olly’s website to find out more, and to listen to the episode.

  • Maxim Chetverikov

    Hi Luke! That was very exciting podcast. After listening i feel … Ooh, i don’t how to describe it impressive, emotional! After listening i want more and more study and learning language.

  • Francesco Allen

    Nice middle name though! :-)

  • The concept of language learning is in harmony with how your mind and body actually make changes and how good habits are formed . This is the time to try your soul with Olly Richard’s guide – Make Words Stick . Learning vocabulary in complete phrases is the basic strategy for building your language blocks . You can do it NOW !