414. With the Family (Part 2) My Uncle Met a Rock Star

Listen to my uncle Nic telling some stories about British rock stars he has met over the years, including an encounter with one of the most famous musicians in the world!

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Introduction (transcript)

In this episode I’m going to play you another conversation which I recorded during the recent Christmas holiday. In this one you’re going to hear my brother and me talking to our uncle Nic about some of the amazing rock stars that he’s met over the years.

Nic has always been a huge fan of rock music and because he was born in the early 1950s he saw many of Britain’s greatest rock stars performing live on stage quite early in their careers. I’m talking about the late 1960s, throughout the 70s and beyond.

So, Nic has met a lot of musicians at gigs but he also just has a knack for bumping into rock stars in normal everyday situations and then being very cool, calm and casual in their company. It’s almost like they’re on the same wavelength or something.

Anyway, my brother and I have always enjoyed hearing Nic’s anecdotes and I’m very glad to have recorded some of those stories for this podcast.

If you’re a fan of rock music, especially some of the classic bands of the 60s and 70s then I’m sure you’re going to be impressed by some of the people my uncle has met, talked to, and even had breakfast with.

And there is one person in particular that he once bumped into – who is not only a bonafide legend of the music world, but also just one of the most famous people on the planet today. Any idea who that is? Well, to find out just listen on.

So, here’s a chat with my Uncle Nic, with some help from James.

I say “help” from James, what I mean is that he just takes over the interview at one point because he thinks he can do a better job than me, and maybe he’s right. Anyway, that’s enough rambling… here’s the conversation.


Thank you very much to Uncle Nic and belated happy birthday to him too.

Let us know what you think, and which one you think is the most impressive story. Because they are impressive stories, aren’t they. Come on! Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Pink Floyd! Fast Eddie from Motorhead!

I realise there will be people out there who don’t really know a lot of the people we were talking about. I’m sure you know Paul McCartney, but you might not know The Who, Motorhead, Pink Floyd (hard to imagine), The Damned, Slade…

And I’m sure there are others too, not necessarily in the toilet but in other situations, but who knows.


The Who – Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, Roger Daltry, John Entwistle

Motorhead – “Fast Eddie” & Lemmy

Free “All Right Now” live at The Isle of White Festival (1970)

Paul McCartney & Wings “Junior’s Farm” (Nic’s favourite)

Pink Floyd recorded at Live 8, Hyde Park in 2005

Slade in 1973

The Damned

Have you ever met a famous musician? Let us know in the comment section.


  • Catherine

    I cannot imagine Paul McCartney on skateboards…

  • isa

    I don’t usually comment but as a music lover I have to tell you that this is one of my favorite episodes! Love to listen to your family stories :)

  • Ptholome

    Hi, people, We have finished the 414 episode you can read here.


    You can suggest the corrections you will notice. Thank you.

    The Orion team

  • Marta KL

    I love to listen to your family stories, thanks a lot for sharing with us.
    Your uncle has a really nice voice and his stories reminded me a book/movie “Being there” :)

  • Dmitry

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    Don’t forget to register a bit in advance :)

  • Alexander Grek

    uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8f9d53a46526fc69d408068cacb74d12f930e1de0d281fafaa9b40e1a45a25e4.jpg I’ve been to London a month ago and took the Rock Music Tour. We visited a lot of famous locations, spots, pubs and things I just read about for years: all that suddenly became real. It was very pleasant and exciting experience, indeed.

    And I was pretty amazed how modest those mega-stars were/are. Well, one can say a tiny house in Central London may cost dozen million pounds. But those people possess much, much more money. Being not ostentatious seems to be their motto and way of life.

    The guide told us an anecdote about another Beatle, Ringo Starr, who got trouble with his credit card too when a shop assistant refused to accept payment from an UNFAMILIAR client.

    BTW, English food IS NOT bad, but very much the other way. Fruity pudding with rum, short bread biscuits, fish and chips — aren’t they tasty and nutritious? I really like it! And feel sorry for those who don’t.


    • Ringo, an unfamiliar client!? Madness, pure madness. :)

    • Catherine Bear

      Nice tour! Congrats! :)

      English foods you’ve mentioned: tasty — yes!

      Nutritious — well, fish and chips… with all this transfats… ;)

      Nice pic!

      • Alexander Grek

        Trans fats are tasty bastards! :0)

      • Catherine Bear

        Yeah, they are the real enemy of today. :)

      • Alexander Grek

        But their arguably adverse effects can be easily neutralised by alcohol — it’s well-known fact. That’s why a portion of fish and chips accompanied by a pint of lager is so dietetic! :0)

      • Catherine Bear

        From time to time you can do that, sure.
        But beware the enemies: trans fats and alcohol. Your lever is going to thank you. ;)
        Cat (today in the hat of the LEP Health Officer)

      • Ptholome

        You know, we are too many on the world, some millions die because they have not food and some other million though les die because too much food. Besides our governments say that they can not pay our retirement so people don’t know if they are going to have money enough in the future. So we can die eating fish and French fries… :)