I was interviewed on “My Fluent Podcast” by Daniel Goodson

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In this post I’m sharing a conversation I had recently on someone else’s podcast. I thought you might enjoy listening to it.

Would you like to know about how my learning of French is going? How about some more behind-the-scenes info about how I make LEP, and my plans for future projects? Listen to my conversation with Daniel Goodson on “My Fluent Podcast” here. Click the link below to check out Daniel’s podcast.

E28 – interview with Luke Thompson / Luke’s English podcast

If you enjoyed listening to my recent interview on Zdenek’s English Podcast recently, you might also enjoy this one.

I was recently interviewed by another LEPster with his own podcast. This one is called “My Fluent Podcast” and the concept of the series is that you can “learn with a learner”, in this case that learner is Daniel Goodson from Switzerland.

Daniel is a dedicated language learner, and in his short episodes he talks about his goals, habits and methods for learning languages. I’m sure you could pick up some tips from him and enjoy sharing his journey towards genuine fluency in English and other languages.

In our conversation Daniel asked me about these things:

  • My current level of French and how I feel about it
  • What I would do if I could go back in time and start learning French again
  • Some inside info about how I do Luke’s English Podcast

So if you want to hear about those things, just check out the link below. Enjoy!

E28 – interview with Luke Thompson / Luke’s English podcast


99 thoughts on “I was interviewed on “My Fluent Podcast” by Daniel Goodson

    1. Jack

      That’s PHD level question ma brotha :D

      Darth Vader is that fictional character who wears black veil, am I right ?

      1. Jack

        Hmmm, thank you brother.

        He looks a bit like the bad guy from harry potter, I can’t recall his name :(

      2. Jack

        Yes yes lord voldemort – I can’t seem to recall anything.

        I think voldermort also wears a black cloak, no ? :)

      3. Cat

        Lord Vader
        Lord Voldemort
        Lord Garmadon

        All look similar, with their black cloaks…

        But why are they called Lords all together? :-?

      4. Nick

        I think because they all have great power and authority… almost like gods or near.
        Are you watching Ninjago, Cat?

      5. Cat

        Yes, they have this outlook.
        Oh yes, I quite like Ninjago sometimes. As my son was younger we used to watch it and play Lego a lot. I always had to play Nya (whom else). :))

      6. Cat

        Well, I can’t watch it, some blocking by Disney on (c) grounds… But I’ve seen the movie, of course. :)

      1. Nick

        It’s a joke of course. I’d like to hear a bit of LFP. And another French speaking Lepsters or French learners like Cat too.

      2. Jack

        King said he is B1 in French and I think we are b1 in English, don’t you think Nick brotha ?

      3. Nick

        Yeah, actually he said it himself to me that I’m a b1. But I don’t know about you. I’d like to know his opinion about your level too.

      4. Jack

        Yes brother, when I am confident I can crank it up to B1 level but most of the time I am somewhere between A2 and B1

        When did you ask him ?

      5. Nick

        I don’t know, several months ago. I think your level is B1 and more. And the most interesting part that you speak not like we all here. It should be a reason for that.

      6. Ptholome

        your level is higher than A2 Jack. But the only what matters is how well do you understand English speaker and how good you are communicating with them.

      7. Ptholome

        A1 to c2 are certificates which shows that you knew that at the moment you passed the test. But you know very well that it means nothing if you don’t practice intensely after you got them.

        For example. When I went back to Spain I could have passed the c2 certificate to show people that I was good. But I was good without them so I had not any need to prove it. Besides, whoever knowing French could know my “French level”

        But after 30 years in Spain without speaking French all day, My speaking is not as good as before and even I forgot a lot words because they are hidden on the bottom of my brain waiting. But related to the movies or TV or stand up comedians I have not lost anything. I mean, I can watch a movie without been aware they are speaking French. So my listening is always good because I have always been listening French radio, French tv, french podcasts and of course reading…

        But I am sure I will fail if I go to the B1 test.

        So, what matters is your ability to understand and to be understood. I usually say that I have the English level average of the people who are on my speaking group. The better they are the better I tend to be.
        Good day.

      8. Jack

        Great piece of advice Antonio Sir

        You let out some pearls, I have learnt alot from you


      9. Jack

        King’s French podcast
        Roi’s French podcast

        King’s fried podcast sounds nice too, doesn’t it, Catherine ?

      10. Jack

        Hello ladies and gentlemen, today on the podcast I will teach you how to make french fries :D

      11. Jack

        ma brotha save these chips for teacher vs teacher fight – we are gonna need alot of snack for sure ;)))))

      12. Nick

        Say that to Americans ;))
        It’s a big question why we (people in general) like what kills us.

      13. Ptholome

        Maybe because we are the ones who invented these tasty recipes but they are not healthy only if people eat too much.

      14. Jack

        hahahahaahah, no Antonio Sir ;)))

        But I hope King incorporates some French into this podcast :))))

      15. Ptholome

        I don’t think it is necessary to do french podcasts. You know, Jack of all traders, master of none. you will have Amber podcast though I don’t know if she is going to do them in French too.

      16. Ptholome

        Of course, but he is not the one speaking about that. So we can say each of us what we think about it which has nothing to do about Luke’s intentions. In fact I don’t care because I have my wife so and the whole French TV at home so I don’t need the LFP. But I like nonetheless to participate from time to time on this section in order to practice writing some thoughts even if they are stupides sometimes. :)

      1. Nick

        Oh, I forgot to say Hello to you, sorry!
        Hello Daniel! :)
        You know as for me your site looks quite nice and neat. So well done! Keep going with your project!

      2. Daniel

        Thx a lot, Nick. If you want to participate feel free to contact me at any time. I had also a guest host on episode 27, where the Dutch polyglot Kamila gave tips and tricks to the listeners. The podcast is changing and evolving with the time. The main goal is to become more fluent in a language!

      3. Jack

        Bonjour Daniel, welcome welcome to the comments section. :)

        You are very fluent in English and your pronunciation is marvellous :)

      1. Sylvia

        Those are Chinese characters. Chinese is known as one of the hardest languages to learn in the world.

        In the first pic, it says: In the snow there is a cranberry, a robin comes to it and says to me, the spring is coming.

        In the second pic, it’s a rooster. Because this year is the year of rooster in Chinese Zodiac. So I drew a rooster in the Chinese New Year. it says: To myself, this Red Jungle Fowl is like phoenix in the chicken. But we don’t have to be a phoenix man or woman, but to be the best of self.

      2. Nick

        I liked this:
        In the snow there is a cranberry, a robin comes to it and says to me, the spring is coming.
        For our snowy country it has a special meaning.

      3. Nick

        I don’t mind to explain. I think this is the coolest thing in English with double meanings of words or phrases.

      1. Sylvia

        You are really flattering me. I am not that good. But I would like to share my drawings with Lepsters.

      1. Sylvia

        Thanks for your encouragement. you’ve done a great job in your podcast. I wish you can do it better and better.

    1. Agnes

      o wow, that’s really impressive! Are studying at Art University or something? If you not you should! That picture definitely reflects the hawk’s head. You are a such talented girl. How long have you been drawing that picture, I guess that it doesn’t take much time for you, doesn’t it?

      keep doing that:-) it seems to be the art gallery here:-) We can listen, read and admire amazing pictures, just great:-)


      1. Sylvia

        Hahaha.. You have overpraised me. I learn drawing on my own. If people who really know about art see my picture, he would say:”Ah, that’s a piece of cake.” But I’ll keep practicing and become better and better.

      2. Sylvia

        That pic takes me about four hours. It also takes me a long time because I have no experience in drawing either.

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