198. A Cup of Tea with Molly Martinez

My friend Molly joins me for a cup of Japanese green tea and a bit of a chat. Molly is a graduate of journalism and is a very funny comedian and writer. First of all you’ll hear me interviewing Molly about her life, her American/Mexican roots and her plans for the future, and then Molly interviews me with some random yet revealing questions.

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If you fancy transcribing this episode of the podcast, click here to visit the google document for this episode.

I hope you enjoy the episode!
All the best,
Cup of tea image from this blog: eastxmidwest.wordpress.com

  • Catherine Bear

    Molly, put the kettle on, we’ll all have tea! :))

    What a wonderful and humourful conversation! The best of British English and American English at one stroke.

    In the last quarter of the episode, Molly is interviewing Luke. You will learn some personal information about Luke, like his middle name, his nicknames back in school, his bands, his favourite Beatle and so on. Also you will hear about his dreams for “the coolest place in Paris”. Try to guess! :)

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hello there!

    This episodes with Molly are super great. Molly is smart, has a nice sense of humor and a beautiful voice. She reminded me of a character from US TV series The Office – Holly Flax. In a very best way, of course.

    And while I’m still here, thanks for this podcast. ;) I really like it.

    • Hi Evgeny, I’m really glad you like those episodes. I agree, Molly is awesome isn’t she ;)
      I hope you continue to enjoy the podcast. Thanks for the comment.

      • She absolutely is)

        By the way, can we expect some new live videos on your youtube channel?

      • I’m working on that. Time is tight, and videos take quite a lot of editing & all that, but I would definitely like to put up more videos. I’m thinking of videoing myself when I record the podcasts, and then uploading the videos onto youtube. That was I can kill two birds with one stone.
        What do you think?

      • Well, I think this is definitely a nice idea, but probably not an every single episode? I like this podcast because I can listen to it while I’m on my way to somewhere. This means video is great when there is some action happening that cannot be described in words. Like showing England as it is and people in native environment in your previous videos. Or your guests. In other cases I’d prefer podcast, it’s kind of timesaving.

        And sorry for my english, I hope I’m getting better with every new episode of your podcast :)

      • The audio episodes would carry on of course, but there would be some full length videos online of me during the recordings. It’s just an idea. I agree that videos in interesting locations would be better. After all, video is best for showing you things.

      • Catherine Bear

        That would be a worthwile killing! :)) It would be no extra work for you, I guess. If you just would put the camera on yourself while recording the podcasts. We could watch and learn how to move our lips and mouths in order to improve our pronunciation even more. That would be such fun!!! Thank you!

  • Luke , your friend Molly has the same sound of voice as Jennifer Lawrence :) really !

  • Julián

    Hola Luke! I’m Julián. I’m from Mexico, the Southeast Mexico to be exactly :). I’ve been listened you for a while, and let me tell you: “you’re f.u.c.k.i.n.g awesome” :). You’re a great teacher. You know, I’ve been trying improve my english (mainly my speaking skills) but without results [or just kinda low steps :()]and now I can say “I’m gonna do it with Luke’s english podcast.” I listen you and try to repeat what you’re saying, the way how you’re saying it. It has been very useful and by the way if you come to Mexico someday, don’t forget to make a podcast of your adventures. I will be glad to listen it. Greetings from Mérida, Yucatán. Actually if you come here so much better. There are a lot of food you have to taste like “Cochinita Pibil” and “Papadzules”, & places to visit like “Chichen Itzá” and “Uxmal” Bye, bye, bye….adiós, adiós, adiós :-)

  • Mixcherry

    I wish I could write more transcript but I made it so far only until 5 mins length..I wish somebody could complete the scripts…I enjoy listening this podcast through..

    • Thanks for your effort writing 5 minutes of the transcript. I’m sure someone else will continue ;)

      • Anonymous

        Hi Luke
        yes I would like to continue to transcribe. However there is a problem. When I open your google document it stays for some seconds and then it disappears and I see a sign which says that there is something wrong.
        It happened before with all the collaboration pages.
        Anna Maria

      • Hi Anna Maria, I’ve checked the google document for this episode and it seems to be working correctly. Are you signed into google on your computer?

      • Anonymous

        Yes I am signed into Google and it’s the same with any of your Google documents.
        What I did to take part in the collaboration thing I just copied it but it’s a bit difficult sometimes because I have only a few seconds to do that.-:(
        Anna Maria

      • That’s strange. It shouldn’t be happening. I wonder if anyone else is having trouble opening my google docs on the transcript collaboration page.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Luke
        The sign which appears after 15 seconds says that the file isn’t available and that there appeared a fault and if the problem doesn’t stop you can report it. Then when I click on the link to it I don’t know what to do because they ask me questions I cannot answer. For example: I should copy the URL. I don’t know what that is. Do you?
        Anna Maria

      • That’s really strange and I don’t know why it’s happening. I’ve tried it again and it works fine for me. I don’t know why it’s not working for you. “copy the URL” means that you should copy the web address for that page (the URL). That’s the long website address in your browser (www. etc). I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with it when you’ve copied it.

  • Thanks for this great episode. That’s a very good one. Her accent is very nice but as I’m not used to I have to listen to it few times more.
    Good luck for you French lesson I’m glad to hear that and I look forward to listen to one French episode in Luke’s English podcast ;)
    Maybe you could be interviewed by Sebastian on his podcast Donc Voilà quoi ! ;)))

  • Teodora C.

    Interesting, funny and useful episode.Thank you,Luke and Molly.
    By the way, I enjoyed ”House of Cards” .Exceptional!
    Good luck with the French lessons,Luke! I’m sure there will be a Luke’s French Podcast some time in the future :-)