199. The UK/USA Quiz

Molly and I ask each other general knowledge questions about the USA and the UK. How much do we know about each other’s countries? How much do you know about the USA and the UK? Can you answer the questions too? Listen and find out! Right-click here to download.
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This is the continuation of the conversation I started with Molly in episode 198. In our quiz we ask each other questions about the history, geography, politics and even accents & dialects of the USA & UK.

If you fancy writing part of the transcript for this episode, click here to visit the google document.

That’s it for now! I’ve nearly reached 200 episodes of LEP. We should have some kind of celebration, shouldn’t we?

All the best,

  • Ptholome

    Hi people the 2199 episode is finished and you can work with it. Thank you to everyone of the LEPsters including the Big boss.


    The Orion team

  • Catherine Bear

    Hi, Luke and Molly! Excellent episode, very entertaining!

    I think, Molly is giving wrong answers on purpose — to make people laugh. She is also a big Harry Potter fan. I loved her sauce jokes: Vingardium Leviosauce, Hogwartcestershire Sauce… (to be continued, hopefully).

    Enjoyed your rambling in different accents, your variations of Pledge of Allegiance etc — it was hilarious!!!

    Thank you, Luke, for bringing in your friends with different English accents to the podcast! It is such fun to listening to you all and learning English.

    • Catherine Bear

      Want to add this: I didn’t get that wi’ jam in joke at the first listening. Now, after I have listened to Telling Jokes Part 1, I’ve finally got it! :) Thank you for explaining the joke!
      Cat, catching up

  • Anonymous

    I discovered that I have a transcript for this one, too. Although not right to the end but a lot of the transcript. Maybe someone feels like doing the rest?
    But you know, Luke, I need a link. Sorry to bother you so often! -:(

  • This podcast was great!! especially seeing the differences between USA AND UK!!!
    enjoy these two podcast with Molly Martinez also she have a mexican roots!! hahah Im mexican!
    the part where they said the accents of every part UK was very interesting!!!

    Cheers and enjoy your holidays!!