247. Understanding The USA

This episode is an attempt to understand The USA in more detail, getting beyond the made-up version that we see in movies and on TV in order to get a proper understanding of the country, its culture and its people. I’m joined by an American friend of mine called Sebastian Marx, and during our conversation we go through most of the main events in the history of the USA and discuss some of the most important principles in the story of the country. The ultimate aim: to understand The United States of America. [Download]

As well as being a relaxed conversation between friends, this episode is a summary of some of the main ideas and topics that I’ve covered this semester in my university classes, and in fact our conversation deals with some of the most important issues and concepts that will help you to get a proper understanding of the USA – and you’re getting it all for free in this episode! You’re welcome of course… if you fancy making a donation to support my work you can just click this button here! Small Donate Button

Speaking to Sebastian in this episode allows me to check some of the thoughts I had about the USA with a genuine American guy, as a way of getting the inside story. Ideally I would like ask all the people of the USA for their opinions, but as I can’t do that I have decided to just ask one American guy for his input, and he isn’t even in America at the moment – but that’s more than good enough for me!

You probably know Sebastian from previous episodes of LEP. He was in 130. A Cup of Tea with Sebastian Marx and also 183. Luke’s D-Day Diary (Part 1). He’s a stand-up comic who performs a one-man show in English and French, entitled “A New Yorker in Paris”, and he’s a very funny and interesting bloke. For more info on Sebastian go to www.sebmarx.com.

As usual, I would like to know your opinions, so if anything occurs to you, please leave your comments below this episode. I’m actually quite pleased with the outcome of this one because I think there is some genuine insight in this episode, even if it is delivered by two guys just having a chat.


  • Totally agree with Sebastian about the foreign policy of the US.
    America is not the same as it was.
    For example, everyone can see the difference comparing Truman Doctrine and Monroe Doctrine.

  • Irina

    That’s actually quite surreal! I was listenning to this ep, and when you were discussing the concept of freedom with your friend Sebastian, I walked into a shop and there was “Freedom” by George Michael playing! It’s weird, isn’t it? Also considering those aliens you were talikng about in the beginning!

  • Sabine

    Oh! How embarrassing! I forgot to thank Sebastian! Thank you Sebastian for this great episode as well, I hope I’ll be able to listen to you again eventually!


  • Sabine

    Thanks for this great episode, Luke! And talking about challenging, not so easy to understand and America, Americaaa, States …

    Here’s something really brilliant – and challenging in more than one way:

    • Hi Sabine, nice to read your comment. It’s been a while. :)

      • Sabine

        Yes, There’s been a lot going on and I hardly found the time to keep up with listening to your podcast. Now things calm down a bit around me. And a couple of minutes ago I found a tiny bit of time lying around here somewhere and I thought what am I to do with it? Oh, sure: Write a comment to Luke’s amazing Episode about understanding America!
        Hope, you’re well!
        :) Cheers,