Celebrating 500 episodes of LEP with a mega-ramble featuring lots of messages from listeners, expressions of gratitude, a cool announcement for all my listeners, some singing, some talk of becoming a dad, the future of the podcast, Star Wars, and loads of fun and good times. Thank you for listening! Parts 1 & 2 are both available on this page.

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Thank you to everyone who took part in episode 500 by sending me a message.

This became a massive celebration. I didn’t expect to receive so many messages. Thank you for all of your kind words, support, and joyful sentiments. I really appreciate it!

Thank you for listening to my podcast all these years. It means a lot to me. I’m looking forward to making more episodes in the future. Seasons greetings for the festive period and have a Happy New Year!

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Luke’s English Podcast is a free audio podcast for learners of English as a foreign language, hosted by Luke Thompson – a comedian and English teacher from London, UK. Listen, learn and have fun while picking up natural British English as it really is spoken.

  • Lionya

    Hi, Luke! My sincere congratulations to you. It’s been really entertaining, infornative and uducational listening to your podcast since 3 years ago when I first discovered it.

    Luke, I have a question. Lately I’ve applied for a job at a language school. And not only do I teach adults there, but also teenagers and kids. I love teaching English everyone, but I have little experience in teaching groups of kids and teenagers. So often face challanges I have never come across before. Could you share your experience on how to deal with difficult kids and adolescents (who is either too noisy, or too introverted, or don’t really like English, or is forced to learn English, rarely seems to be satisfied or involved while most of the others mostly do, etc.)? I would be really grateful.

  • Yaron

    Hi Luke (and all LEPSTER)

    For long time I didn’t write here…

    Unfortunately, I didn’t found the time to send you a voice message to congratulate you for the 500 episodes! so in this form I would like to congratulate you Luke for reaching to 500 episodes! But this is nothing comparing to you becoming a dad….

    I hope that father christmas would bring to you and to your wife an happy and healthy daughter.

    I’ve just finished to listen to 500 episode with all the greeting from all over the world. Well done to all!

    BTW – I thought to congratulate you by doing so cover to “When I’m sixty-four” by the The Beatles…

    I strated to write somthing like:

    “When I get older losing our hair
    Many years from now
    Will you still be uploading LEP file
    Every week or just from time to time

    I would donate you a pound or three
    So it would help you keep it free
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me
    When I’m sixty-four”

    but I didn’t find the time to develop it more… and I’ve spared you hearing me singing
    [It is not a nice sound… let say, it’s not that I have the voice of john Lenon rather more a voice of Yoko Ono… ;) ]

    Happy Christmas / Happy Holiday to all.

  • Isabela

    hi luke, thanks so much for your amazing podcast, it really helps me big time on my english studys,seriously i can’t thank you enough!
    you have such lovely voice! congratulations for your baby girl! you’ll be a wonderful father, i’m so happy for you!

  • Nick

    She’s done it for us all :)

  • Олег Фафурин

    Hey, Luke!
    I’m a russian student-matematician, and I’m pretty sure that numbers don’t stop.
    Last week I was too lazy and busy, so I was unable to send you a voice message with congratulation.
    I started to listen to your podcast only about a month ago, and I’ve found it by an accident, but now I’m sure it will help me a lot to improve my listening skills. I’m thinking about studiyng abroad, so I really need to do sth with my knowledge of English. Thank you for your work, keep it up!