329. A Rambling Chat with James (News, Stories & Jokes)

My brother has been visiting me in Paris this week and so just the other day I made him a cup of tea and got him on the podcast for a rambling chat. We talk about lots of different things including news, politics and some funny stories. I hope you enjoy the conversation. There will be more episodes about language learning coming soon.

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In this episode you’ll hear us discussing these things

  • What we’ve been up to in Paris this week
  • Jim’s first stand up comedy performance
  • Last Thursday’s performance of “Sorry, we’re English” with Paul Taylor
  • Differences between Paris and London
  • Some UK politics about the EU referendum
  • Some USA politics about the presidential elections and candidates like Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
  • Other news stories about drones, eagles, mosquitos and why women yawn more than men
  • Jim’s ‘talking dog’ joke
  • Jim’s dog anecdote

That’s it!

Thanks for listening!



  • Catherine Bear

    Hi Luke,
    hi James,

    It seems that James is a brave guy, ready for an adventure:

    1. does an anonimous gig on an open mic in Paris

    2. hangs up with a weird bloke and spends a night in a weird flat in Hastings

    3. is a scater, dislocates his shoulder.

    Did I miss something? :)

    And he’s got a hillarious laugh.


    • Brave… or stupid!

      • Catherine Bear

        Oh, I forgot one point:

        4. Saves his girl-friend’s live, fights a real bear in Canada.

      • Catherine Bear

        5. Loves dolphins. Wants to swim beside them. :)

  • It seems that mister David Cameron himself doesn’t want to be with the EU and Brussels.

    And about Trump, even if he win the US presidential election, Washington will teach him how to behave himself.

    • It seems I was wrong about Cameron…

  • Irina Kontsevaya

    Is it James on the second picture on this page?

  • Hello Luke,
    I’m Xes from Majorca and I’m here to tell you that, despite your brother’s opinion, this was a great episode. Please, keep on going!
    By the way, today I made a donation because you really deserve it!

  • This is the first time I see Jame’s face. He really does look quite like Luke, especially the nose.

  • Mayumi M

    Hi, Luke. I’m always so into the episodes which you invited some people!
    By the way, can you tell me the word James said around 54:01?
    Let’s make it clear.
    Luke: … They just have like a couple of locations where they can deliver with drones and that’s it. And they can say that they deliver with drones.
    James: It just doesn’t make sense… It’s ( ). ←this word
    I couldn’t catch it even though I rewound and listened so many times. Sorry to bother you if you are still really busy but hope you can have some mins to answer this question…
    Thanks always.

    • James said “It’s BS”. BS is abbreviation for bullshit.