329. A Rambling Chat with James (News, Stories & Jokes)

My brother has been visiting me in Paris this week and so just the other day I made him a cup of tea and got him on the podcast for a rambling chat. We talk about lots of different things including news, politics and some funny stories. I hope you enjoy the conversation. There will be more episodes about language learning coming soon.

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In this episode you’ll hear us discussing these things

  • What we’ve been up to in Paris this week
  • Jim’s first stand up comedy performance
  • Last Thursday’s performance of “Sorry, we’re English” with Paul Taylor
  • Differences between Paris and London
  • Some UK politics about the EU referendum
  • Some USA politics about the presidential elections and candidates like Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
  • Other news stories about drones, eagles, mosquitos and why women yawn more than men
  • Jim’s ‘talking dog’ joke
  • Jim’s dog anecdote

That’s it!

Thanks for listening!