350. Film Club: X-Men Apocalypse (Review)

This is the final episode in this superhero series and simply put, I’m going to talk about the latest X-Men movie. Now, you might not be into the superhero stuff and I totally understand, but let me give you a heads up about this episode. Basically, I didn’t like the film and so I’m more interested in making fun of it than talking about it seriously. So, that might make it more fun to listen to than the other superhero ones I’ve done lately. You can just kick back and enjoy me taking the mickey out of this film.

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Honestly, I really enjoyed recording this. It was more fun than watching the film itself. Sometimes talking about a film is far more enjoyable than actually watching it, especially if the film is a cheesy mess full of cliches, incoherent plot-lines and stereotypical bad guys. So, even if you haven’t seen the film I invite you to listen to this episode, have a bit of a laugh and then move on to the next episode. There are no major plot spoilers in this review. So don’t worry if you haven’t seen it – but my general opinion of the film might have an influence on your enjoyment of it – or maybe not. Perhaps you’ll completely disagree with me.

It’s called X-Men: Apocalypse. It’s actually the 3rd film in the rebooted X-Men franchise and about the 6th film in the X-Men series as a whole, if you don’t include the two Wolverine films and the Deadpool movie. I went to see it the other day, and immediately after coming home I recorded this review.

You know the X-Men, right? … (some improvised stuff about the x-men here)

So, on to the review.

So, imagine me walking home after watching the film, getting into my flat, picking up my microphone and immediately starting to record these comments before I’d even taken off my jacket.

That’s the context, so let’s go, and I’ll speak to you again after my film review.

*Review begins*

So, that’s what I thought of the film. I thought it was a stinker! But I did kind of enjoy watching it. Mainly so I could then make fun of it afterwards.

I was a bit critical of the film. I wonder what you think of it if you’ve seen it. I should also say that it’s far far easier to criticise a film than to make one. Ultimately, it’s really really difficult to make a feature film. I think that most of the films that get made aren’t very good. We only see the ones that get published and given worldwide releases. So, it’s all well and good me talking about how bad it was, but I should give some credit to the filmmakers for actually making the effort in the first place. The audience reaction here though – it paled in comparison to the Captain America movie.

Again, let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I always look forward to reading your comments there.

Some comments from Facebook

Question: Who’s the best superhero?

Francesco: Definitely you Luke! ☺

Hamza: My parents – because they deserve all the respect and the best they give me everything they could, I’ll never forget thier sacrifice <3

Aritz: Hard decision… Batman or Spiderman?? mmmm I’ll go for the latter as we could have now a different debate: should Batman be considered a superhero?

Hien: I always admire soldiers who never betray their country even though they were tortured terribly in war.

Carmen: Deadpool, for sure. He can’t be killed, he’s got a cheeky sense of humour AND he’s aware of his own existence in the books/films he’s in and breaks the 4th wall all the time.

Luciano: Conan, The Barbarian!

Hoang Minh: Dear Luke, please make a podcast about this subject :))

Ricardo: Superman for sure!!

Jean: Super Luke! For sure!

Francesco: Deadpool because he’s a badass.

Тима Салихов: I think is Superman :) Because he is Superman :)

Virginia: Wonderwoman. She’s a Woman!

Gloria: ” El Chapulín Colorado” ( mexican Superhéro ) although he is a coward he manages to overcome his fears . By Chespirito. ❤️

Ricardo: My favorite superhero is Spider-Man because he fights to win his money like me. He is not rich like Batman although Batman kicks ass.

Lê Vũ QC: Iron man because of RDJ’s fantastic potrayal.

Ethan Lee Ok. So the answer is captain america and here’s why: (Roy Wood Jr. Stand-Up 06/12/14)

Anton: Sherlock Holmes without any doubt.

That’s the end of this episode, and also the end of this series on superhero films. The plan now is to turn to more real-world issues because there the UK is due to have its referendum on the EU in less than a month, and there’s plenty to talk about.

OK film fans, that’s it then. Speak to you soon. Bye!


  • Lin Jhen-Ru

    Hi Luke!

    I really like those episodes you talked about superheroes.
    Could you do an episode about the movie, “Logan”?
    I would love to hear your thought!

    Thank you soooo much!
    Best regards,

  • Paulo Henrique

    Hello luck I’ve just watched X -men apocalypse and I totaly agree with you about this movie, it’s horrible, totaly nonsense this apocalipse is a crepy and not scary at all.
    In my opinion Quicksilver was incredible, the only mutant who deserve a highlight in this movie ,when the house is about to exploding and he freezed the time helping everyone run away was a superb moment, he deserves a movie about his history. For me all the rest was just a rubish made for money.

  • Eri Taguchi

    Deadpool has just released a few days befoer. And I did not like these kinds of movies befoer I listen this Marvel comic film club. And now I really want to see Deadpool at cinema, might be the best hero in Marvel which someone said!!!!

  • Nick

    They should’ve invited Arnold Schwarzenegger for the role of Apocalypse…lol

  • Lymona D.

    Hi Luke,
    (in fact, hello to anyone reading this!)

    I’ve been a “LEP ninja” for several months now, and I can’t help coming back here as if I was slowly corrupted by the Dark Side! (Yes, the Dark Side and not the Light, because learning English should not be at the top of my to-do list, but that’s another story). This podcast has awakened my forgotten interest in the English language, and like many LEPsters I feel addicted… (By the way, for this very reason –among many others– it totally deserves to win the ELTons! Yay! Let’s cross our fingers and close the brackets here: it’s time to start the next paragraph!)

    Let’s move on to the main point of my comment. I haven’t watched the new “X-Men” film and I probably won’t. But I’m writing this to stand up for the “porcupine” of the previous ones. I’m not really a “Superhero fangirl”, I’ve never read the comics and I don’t remember the movies (what a powerful argument in favour of Porcupine!), but I remember there was a character in the animated series “X-Men: evolution” (aired in the early 2000s) that could grow spikes from his body (not only from his face) and shoot them like arrows. His name was something like… Spike (no kidding!): he might be the character you’re describing, at least that sounds like him (but it might as well be someone else…). Anyway, as far as I remember (that is to say not very well), he was a nice character. Don’t bully him, please! Even useless character have their own value! … All right, I’ve got to admit the description you made of him was funny, poor “Porcupine-head”!

    “Voilà”, thank you Luke for this amazing podcast! I know I’m not the only one, but I can’t wait for the Brexit episode! And I was happy to hear that the Podpals will soon be back on the podcast too!
    I wish you all the best… *and all the biscuits*!

  • Dmitry

    Love it! I’m very grateful for your podcasts Luke! Thank you and good luck!