271. Catching Up with Amber & Paul

Today I’m joined by my mates Paul Taylor and Amber Minogue, both of whom have been on the podcast before. Let’s catch up with them and see what they’ve been doing. Listen to the episode to hear a completely unscripted and authentic chat between 3 native speakers from England, as we talk about having babies, pedestrian crossings, having ginger hair, the difficulties of being English in the sunshine, and some of our favourite TV shows and films.

Click here to listen to Amber’s previous interview on LEP, in which she talked about having a baby.
How was the birth?
You said you would go with a natural birth before. Did you?
What’s it like being a mum?
Best things? Worst things?
Sleep? Nappies?

Click here for Paul’s previous episodes on LEP. Part 1 and Part 2.
What have you been doing?
Click here to visit Paul’s YouTube channel for Taylor’s Top Tips

Topics in this Episode
We talk about various things including:
– Amber’s baby, the birth and what it’s like to be a Mum
– Paul’s news, including his short YouTube videos called Taylor’s Top Tips (started on Instagram, then moved it to YouTube).
– The sound effects from my terrace (the sounds of the street, the sounds of people stepping in dog poo in the street)
– Pedestrian crossings in Paris vs Dog poo
– The dangers of crossing the road in Paris
– The difficulties of being English in the sunshine
– Struggling with a folding chair while avoiding a spider
– Ginger people / having a ginger beard / being a ‘ginger ninja’
– Are Italian people obsessed with ginger people?
– Game of Thrones and other TV shows like Breaking Bad, Suits, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Lost, House of Cards etc.
– TV series vs Films
– J.J. Abrams the director of the new Star Wars film, and his love of lens flare.
– Amber doesn’t like ‘wiggly camera’ – shaky, handheld camera effects – like in the Jason Bourne films and the Taken films.
– The film Cloverfield (directed by J.J. Abrams)
– The Blair Witch Project (1999)
– Recommended TV series (plural – series, singular – series). Amber: Game of Thrones and The Wrong Man’s, Paul: Fawlty Towers, Luke: Louie.
– Vocabulary: A TV series (e.g. Game of Thrones) – not a serie, a season (e.g. season 1, season 2 etc – in the UK we used to say ‘series’ not ‘season’ but now most people say ‘season’)
– Serial? It’s an adjective to describe a series of things – e.g. a serial publication. In my opinion we don’t say a ‘TV serial’, we say a ‘TV series’. Amber and Paul don’t agree.
– Criticisms of French television (a bit of French bashing here? or genuinely valid criticisms of French TV?)
– Summarising the conversation: Jumping into gingers (“Don’t jump into anyone too quickly, you have to give them fair warning in advance”), we detoured into TV, the escapade/debacle with the chair, spending time in the sun
– Orphan Black (TV show)

Taylor’s Top Tips

For the Geeks: What is lens flare?

The trailer for Cloverfield
Directed by J.J. Abrams. Lots of shaky, handheld camera (or ‘wiggly camera’ as Amber described it)

Orphan Black trailer


  • Amber

    Hi everyone,
    Luke, thanks for another great episode and for inviting Amber again to LEP.
    So great to listen to you guys. Feels like catching up with some old friends after a long period of time. And by ‘old’ I mean someone I’ve known for a long time and haven’t heard from for ages.
    Amber, you’re my second favourite guest here. Hope you come again.
    Now I’m going to listen to the next episode in a row.

    Cheers! :-)

  • Max from italy

    Yep! Italians are definitely obsessed with gingers.
    I reckon there’s an historical reason for that. Maybe it all started with “The barbarian invasions” which occurred after the Roman empire. My granddad used to say: “The best of the gingers threw his father in a ditch” and also well-known italian literature is punctuated by stories of gingers being nasty. For instance, “Rosso Malpelo” is a novel by Giovanni Verga (published in 1880) which tells about a young boy being extremely naughty. It can also turn out well, though, at least judging by the reaction of young italian girls to gingers like Ronald Weasley and more recently singer Ed Sheeran.

  • Wait a minute I didn´t get the LOST thing, did Paul loved it? but just hated the end?

    For me LOST is the best tv series ever, but it doesn´t have the best ending,,

    I do love this kind of episodes where you talk random stuff unscripted, very good episode

    Cheers to Amber and Paul

    • He found it annoying that the show just went on and on without a conclusion. He prefers films because the story concludes within one viewing experience, unlike TV series which drag on. You know – I never watched Lost, but I feel I was somehow part of it because I heard about it from other people. What made it great in your opinion?
      I’m glad you like these episodes Chriss :)

      • Many things, I liked the flashback things and then flash about the future, the Time Travel thing they made and a character called Michale Faraday that is also a physicist. I liked the characters, whenever i saw one of the actors in anothers series or movies i shout hey thats “name of LOST character” lol, and Jorge García is just great too

      • Wasn’t one of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings in it?

      • Jorge García was Hurley, Dominic Monaghan was the one of the LOR

    • Hey Chriss. It was the best TV show ever, but because of it, I can’t watch many other TV shows. I don’t want to invest so much time in something for it to have a bad ending. I quite liked the ending, but it took too long. Season 2/3 were too long.

      • Yeah there are seasons where almost nothing happens or they just extend the story

  • ptholome

    Hi Luke,

    Your podcast is amazing though i have some difficulties to understand it completely, but repetition will help a lot…
    For this kind of chair, you only need to put some drop of oil on the axle and you will have a better result.

  • Marcin

    Thank you Amber for your kind word.
    Luke, I have some question to you: Do you sometimes play in compuer games? Did you know that 19’th of May is premier of The Polish game The Witcher 3 :) You mentioned several times about yourself and about computer games but could you give us some more information? Do you sometimes play in? Cya

    • Hi Marcin. I did an episode about computer games a couple of years ago. Have you heard it? Check out episode 127.