302. Bad Dentist / Star Wars / Adam Buxton / Headphone Jams / Jarvis Cocker

Hi, this is the second part of a two part episode in which I’m telling you a few things about recent trending news stories, some anecdotes and other things that are in my head at the moment. There’s no specific language focus this time. Instead I’m focusing on general cultural information. Last time I talked about David Cameron and the pig, a story of a bad gig, and who the hell is Ronnie Pickering? In this one I’m going to ramble on about a bad trip to the dentist, some rising excitement about the new Star Wars film, Adam Buxton’s new podcast, some music that has been bouncing around inside my head, some news about a new jingle which is in the pipeline and how I want to hunt Jarvis Cocker for my podcast but I don’t know how to do it! If you don’t really understand those things, then listen on! All will be explained! All you have to do is listen. :)

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In the previous episode:
1. The UK political situation, and trending news relating to it – this is less boring than you might expect because it seems from recent reports that our Prime Minister David Cameron once had sex with a dead pig. Seriously. (Did PM David Cameron really have sex with a pig? What’s all this about Jeremy Corbyn? What’s going on?)
2. “Sorry, we’re English”
3. Tell a story or anecdote about something.
4. Who is Ronnie Pickering?

In this episode:
5. A trip to the dentist in Paris.
6. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – I can hardly contain my excitement, but I am attempting to avoid the hype.
7. OPP: The Adam Buxton Podcast
8. In my headphones recently: The Juan MacLean “A Simple Design”, The Who: “Who Are You?”, Erland Oye: “Lies become part of who you are”, DJ Krush & Ronny Jordan: “Bad Brothers”, Leyla McCalla: “Heart of Gold”. (Plus, the intro song: “Groove Holmes” by Beastie Boys)
9. Jingle news: Possible new jingle in the pipeline
10. Jarvis Cocker
11. That’s probably it, isn’t it?


  • Kate

    Hi Luke! I know someone who produces mulsic and could help with a new jingle for free. If you are interested just let me know the preferable lenghth and style.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Luke,
    I think the best way to approach Jarvis Cocker is this: chivvy a young girl (aka a jailbait) into escorting you then, as soon as you come across him, sidle up to him and start singing Bill Wyman’s “Si Si Je suis un Rockstar”.
    You should sing this line though: “We could go on the hovercraft / Across the water / They’ll think I’m your dad / And you’re my daughter / Je suis un rock star / Je avais un residence / Je habiter la / A la south of France / Voulez vous / Partir with me? / And come and rester la / With me in France”.

    Success guaranteed.



    • Oh wow, all I need to do is chivvy a young girl – that presents yet another challenge!

  • Carlos

    Hi Luke…. Enjoy these funny star wars video….. Cheers


  • Carolina

    Hey Luke, I just can’t wait for your interview with Jarvis! I’m sure when he meets you, he’ll come to your Podcast…I’ve loved his music since 90’s and I bet he’ll become a Lepster too! ;) Thanks for your contribution to this world, you’re making the difference!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve loved the Adam Buxton Podcast, thanks! I’ve been a huge fan of Marc Maron because of you Luke. Once again thank you!

    • I hope you’ve subscribed to Adam’s podcast. I think it could get better and better.
      Yes, Marc Maron is one of the podcast heavyweights. Did you listen to his episodes with Barack Obama and Keith Richards?

      • Anonymous

        Sure. Yes, it was crazy, Obama in the garage! Keith Richards has changed Marc’s live! And so did Mick Jagger! I loved when he guested Sir Ian Mckellen and later on Sir Patrick Stewart. Thanks, Luke! Do you know my favorite podcast of yours? Podcast 174.

  • Tessa

    We should totally make Jarvis join the LEPPERs ninja family! Why not try our luck with twitter?! Luke, if you have time, you can record some kinda jingle (you know just like Adam does in practically all his new episodes), well it can go sth like:
    “you’ve got a podcast & i’ve got a podcast,
    so why don’t we meet at my place for a cuppa tea,
    no, it’s no way creepy,
    it’s just all our fans want you to teach ’em some english in your
    bloody-awesome-hot-low-yorkshire accent,
    so grab your funky mug and join me”…
    humor connects people :)
    and once you publish it, we can hashtag and twitter it – make it go totally viral – never underestimate the power of ninjas!!

  • Sergio

    Hi Luke! In the previous message I made a great mistake, I called you “Paul”. I was listening to The Beatles and my subconscious betrayed me!! Sorry buddy!

    By the way, it would be great to have a podcast about The Beatles with your opinion and point of view!

    Cheers man!


  • Sergio

    Hi Paul! This is Sergio from Spain. I´m a very big fan of Star Wars as you are, my friends say I´m a “friki”, you know, freak or geek. Even my dog calls Obi Wan! I heard the previous podcast of Star Wars when you had a cold. It was awesome! (when you blowed your nose, hahaha!) but like in this last podcast I´m not agree with you about the episodes 1, 2 and 3 are rubbish! Actually I owe my love for Star Wars to the episode One. Of course sometines those films have bad moments with bad script and above all ,some very bad characters as Jar Jan Binks! I hate that guy or gungan ! But if we remove him or it from the first movie, the result is a quite nice, serious and epic movie! Just think of the battle of Obi Wan and Qui Gon against Darth Maul, the music Duel of Fates, the pod racers part and even all the Jedis knights philosophy and stuff…I admit the 5th epiode (The Empire Strike back)is one of the best and the classic trilogy is better than the previous one but for instance the third episode is awesome and has great moments ,I´d like to know your opinion about Hayden Christensen, He has received critics from most fans and he seems to me a good actor, with good conditions and different facial register ( I don´t know if this expression is correct).
    Lucas tried to tell the beginnings and the history of a guy (Vader) and he does so! I try to defend the precuel as much as possible, haha. Without Jar Jar I´m almost sure most fans would love these movies!

    Ok mate, , I´d just like to congratulate you for your podcasts! Keep working this way!

    Kind regards.


  • Hi Luke, I remember you once lived near or at the same apartment of Ian Brown right? And now it’s Javis Cocker!!! This is a great chance to invite him as LEP’s guest. I think you’re a magnet of cool people indeed. :D

    • Yes, Ian Brown lived next door to my school in London. I used to see him walking down the street like a monkey.