309. The Lying Game (Part 2) with Amber & Paul

Welcome back to the second part of this double episode. In part 1 you heard me playing a speaking game with Paul & Amber. Go back to part 1 for the details of the game, including the rules. Part 1 ended on a cliffhanger, with the scores even at 2-2-2. Even stevens! Listen to this episode to find out more. TEACHERS: At the end there’s a 15 minute section in which I explain exactly how to use this game in your English classes. You can download a simple .pdf worksheet (below) which you can use in your classes (just tell your students about LEP, or send me a little donation). Listen until the end of the episode to get my full instructions on how to use this awesome game to teach your students grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and speaking skills in a really awesome way.

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The Lying Game Part 2

Amber: I used to be a performer at The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Prince Charles Cinema in Soho.

Tie-break round:
Luke: I used to be afraid of the tooth fairy.
Paul: I almost set fire to my parents’ house as a kid.

Final scores:
Luke – 2 / 0 / 1 / 2 / 1 Total = 6 points

Amber – 1 / 1 / 0 / x / x Total = 2 points

Paul – 0 / 2 / 1 / 0 / 0 Total = 3 points

Here’s an example of a Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast (below)

For Teachers – How to use The Lying Game in class

Small Donate ButtonClick here to download a .pdf worksheet to use in Class – The Lying Game Worksheet for Teachers by Luke Thompson teacherluke.co.uk

Listen to the last 15 minutes of this episode of LEP (The Lying Game Part 2) to hear me give detailed instructions on how to use the game in class, including details of the level, procedure, specific language and skills work you can do with students. I can get about 2 hours of class time out of this game, and it’s useful for teaching grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

In fact, here are the last 15 minutes of the episode  if you’d like to listen to them again or download for later. :) [DOWNLOAD]

  • Behzad

    Hi, Luke.
    I don’t know if you watch Jimmy Fallon’s show but they have a game exactly like your lying game which is called True confession. I think they’ve stolen the game from you.
    Here’s a link of the show: (It’s Tina Fey and Amy Poehler with Jimmy):

  • Mariam

    This is another funny and eanjoyable epsiode as usual.Thanks Luke!
    I also think that Paul told this anecdote about burning down his house before and it made me laugh again even I’d heard it before. If I remember right, he said he was playing with a firetruck and set fire to the bush to make the game look real :D

    • I really don’t remember that. Which episode was it?

      • Oleg

        Hi Luke,

        It seems that you cheated. Ep. 283. “cock up” discussion :)

      • Ah yes, now I remember! Paul cocked up because he nearly set fire to his house!
        I promise – I didn’t remember that while we were playing the game. I would have said something. Perhaps the result of this game needs to be reviewed by a panel of judges.