278. Marcus Keeley / Northern Ireland (Part 2)

In part 1 of this episode we met Marcus Keeley. In part 2 we are going to talk specifically about Northern Ireland, its culture, the atmosphere there and things you can do if you visit as a tourist. There will be a part 3 of this conversation, which will focus on the accents and dialects in Northern Ireland.

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2. Focus on Northern Ireland
My listeners, who are around the world, may not know very much about Northern Ireland. It’s often a bit overlooked – in my experience, a lot of people see the UK as just London, Edinburgh, Oxford & Cambridge, Manchester, Stonehenge and a few other famous spots, perhaps Wales. Northern Ireland is rarely mentioned. The UK is a bit confusing – people aren’t completely sure how Ireland and Northern Ireland fit into it. I expect people are aware that there has been trouble there in the past, with the IRA and the sectarian conflict, but there’s more to it than that. Let’s try and let my listeners know a bit more of what it’s really like to live in Northern Ireland.

– When you meet people from other countries, how much do they know about where you come from? Do you get the same kinds of reactions from people?
– Where is it?
– Capital city?
– What’s it like to live in Belfast? Is it a good place to live?
– What can people do or see if they visit?
– What’s the atmosphere like these days?
– Is there still a sense of trouble?
– Do your generation still hold on to that feeling?
– Do you remember what it used to be like?
– Why was there trouble in the first place?
– How do you see the future in Northern Ireland?
– How do you see The UK?
– What did you think of the election? Where does N. Ireland stand?
– What if The UK left the EU?

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  • Anonymous

    Hello Luke and Marcus,

    I didn’t know much of Northern Ireland before listening to the episodes. I’ve enjoyed listening to your conversations about the accent from various contects such as cultural, political and histrical one. There were a lot of helpful things which you can’t find as long as you read only textbooks. They will be my treasure.

    I love watching British films and tv shows. When I watch them, I like listening to various British accents as well as the storylines. To me, they are melodic and musical like fiddles. So I totally agree with the survey you introduced in the epode.

    Thank you,

  • Northern Ireland is such a special place to know with many particular
    features . We explore the journey through culture , language , people ,
    politics, history , lifestyle , geography … etc by listening to a native Irish . This experience is a chance of lifetime . SUPER AWESOME ! THANKS !


    What? I have not finished downloading the first part and there’s a second?! That’s a super-jet updating speed!!!! Awsome!!!! So much to entertain and learn.
    Thank you Luke and to your nothern-ireland guest. Let’s know a little about that part of the world. It’ll be amazing!