255. Taken 3 / Expressions with ‘Take’

My response to the film Taken 3, plus 12 expressions with the word ‘take’. [Download]

The Film
*Spoiler alert* – I might give away some details of the story line, although I think you probably have a good idea what kind of thing you can expect. Someone did something to his family, and Liam Neeson will use his very particular set of skills to find them, he will hunt them down and he will kill them. There will be loads of high-octane action, some very questionable moral actions, and the usual offensive stereotypes of foreign people.

You should know that I’ve talked, at length, about Taken 1 already on this podcast.

Yesterday I went to the cinema and tweeted “I’m on my way to see Taken 3…” Naturally, some people wanted me to talk about it on the podcast, so here it is.

In a nutshell, this film is bad – it’s total pants, it’s piss poor, it’s lame, it’s cheesy, and frankly, it’s dull. It’s like a b-movie, but with Liam Neeson. It retains few of the redeeming qualities of the original, brings nothing new to the table and just looks like everyone involved is just doing it for the money. That’s not to say it was without enjoyment – I did enjoy it a bit, perhaps because I’d lowered my expectations before going into the cinema.

Expressions with Take
There are loads. Here are 12. Listen to the episode to hear full explanations and examples.

1. Take someone for a ride = to rip someone off
2. Take someone to the cleaners = to rip someone off, or to beat someone
3. Take something for granted = to undervalue something which is actually very valuable to you
4. Take it on the chin = to be strong and resilient in the face of criticism or adversity
5. Take it out on someone = to express your anger/frustration by being nasty or aggressive towards someone else
6. Take advantage of something = to make the most of it, to exploit it
7. Take it easy = relax
8. Overtake = to move in front of someone (e.g. in a car)
9. Take over = to take control of something (to acquire)
10. Takes one to know one = In order to know something you have to be that thing too
11. To have what it takes = to have the necessary qualities to do something
12. Give or take = approximately


  • The #255 script is finished 28/2/016. 20:43 Of course there are some words I/we didn’t catch but this is the best we could do.

  • Leah

    In America we say, “I went to the movies”, “Do you want to go see a movie?”, “I saw the movie, Taken, last night”, “Let’s go see that movie, Taken, it’s playing at the HiPointe Theater tonight.”

  • I´m fine thx Luke, in fact I alwasy say (in my head) I´m fine Luke thx and you?
    Well in spanish we have the same thing with female and male nouns, as a french learner I thought the same, who the hell decided something to be female and male, then I realized in spanish is the same thing and just shut up lol.

    Nice episode


    • I have decided to just get over it to be honest, not that I’m any better at French now. But step by step…
      By the way, do you know about the book “Tune In: All These Years” by Mark Lewisholm? I may have mentioned it to you before, but it’s quite new and is full of amazing new details about The Beatles’ early careers. It’s an absolutely huge book, and the cool thing is that it’s only the first of three volumes. I recommend it, although it’s too big to easily carry around.

      • Each time I asked my wife when I was learning French like you are doing actually, Luke (but at least, you can speak in English with your wife while I didn’t):

        Why? Pourquoi? “Comment ça se fait que…” Why that?

        she answered: Parce que! Becausen !

        And I understood that I had not to think about it. Only, like children do, to speak, mistake, correction, to repeat it… and months later I learned it without effort. No questions, only to repeat what you hear.

        Besides, I have created a little team to translate some podcasts, and I hope we are going to work on it and people is not going to go away, or myself, And I am doing the 255 Taken 3. I was working on it long ago, but it was too hard for me. It is always hard but not as hard as it was moths ago.


        The real name of the Taken 2, and 3, director is Olivier (no Oliver) Fontana. In America, they like to change their name for another more Hollywoodian.

        Olivier is the Spanish or maybe Italian name of Oliver in France or England…

        See you Luke.

  • It might be that taken 3 is a rubbish film, however tekken 3 was a great game! ;)

    • Oh yes definitely. Favourite characters: Law, Paul, Brian, Lei and that huge bear Kuma.

      • My favorite one was Ling Xiaoyu, I had kick asses with this little chinese girl…

      • Yes, she was great at jumping out of the way and infuriating my friends.

  • Ksenia

    Awesome episode! The plot for the Taken 4 cracked me up))
    I will write examples to the phrases I didn’t know
    Take it on the chin! Everybody makes mistakes. Soon what you’ve done will be forgotten.
    When in a bad mood, she takes it out on her kids. Which is not good at all. And she knows it, but she can do nothing about it.
    I’m not sure I have what it takes to be a personal assistant to such an important person.

  • ptholome

    Hello luke,

    Though I thought this movie couldn’t be a good one, your very good podcast awoke my curiosity, and I wanted to see how the movie was, mainly the fall with the two cars… Well I watch it, and it make me think that they did a kind cartoon, no… a Video Games. We know very well the hero can’t die, no matter how many dangerous things he does, at least not before the end of the story, mainly when they want to make a series.

    At the end of the film, I thought he would kill the stepfather, but no, he doesn’t, instead, If I understood well, I don’t know enough English, actually, to be able to understand a movie, he told to his daughter’s stepfather, responsible of the crime. With your voice in mind: I will wait you, I will find you and I will kill you… I think they have kept an ace up the sleeve, and maybe it will be another film in the future… the baby can be the next to be kidnapped…