415. With the Family (Part 3) More Encounters with Famous People

Here’s the final part in this trilogy of episodes recorded at my parents’ house on Boxing Day. In this one my mum, dad and brother tell us a few more anecdotes about their encounters with some well-known people.

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Introduction Transcript + some ad-libs

The conversation you’re about to hear was recorded with my family on the same day as the last couple of episodes. It was quite late in the evening, after my uncle and aunt had gone home and after dinner and number drinks had been consumed. Picture a very warm and cosy living room with a wood burning stove going in the background.

After listening to Nic describing his encounters with some famous rock stars earlier in the day, the other members of my family wanted to get in on the action too with their stories about brushing shoulders with the stars. So here are a few other anecdotes from my dad, my brother and my mum.

It turns out that my family have met some genuine legends. I didn’t even realise that a couple of these things had happened. You’ll have to wait and see who they are. But here are some slightly cryptic clues.

Can you guess which people I’m talking about?

  • One of the UK’s favourite authors who wrote a series of beloved books which have also been made into successful films.
  • A British comic actor who likes eating ice-creams and fighting zombies, criminals and aliens, in his movies (not real life of course).
  • A small but very important woman who often appears in public but is also a very private person.
  • A nonagenarian who once said that he was “the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his own children.” A nonagenerian is someone in their nineties – also, septuagenarian (70s) and octogenarian (80s).

There are others too, including an American punk rock star with lots of tattoos and muscles, a Shakespearean actor who has become a successful film director and an actor who had a bit part in the British TV series The Office.

I should perhaps remind you of several other anecdotes which you might have heard on this podcast before, which are mentioned in this conversation.

Anyway, you can now sit back and enjoy some more time with The Thompsons.


Outro Transcript + ad-libs

Funny, isn’t he? My brother. I would like him to be on the podcast more often, if he’s up for it. The thing is that he’s a bit modest really and isn’t the sort of outgoing person who likes to broadcast his thoughts and opinions over the internet, although he obviously should because he’s got a lot to offer. He ought to do a podcast or something like that, right? He does have a YouTube channel but it’s mainly skateboarding. www.youtube.com/user/VideoDaze/videos

*All the background music in this episode was also made by James*

The people mentioned in this episode

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  • Eri Taguchi

    Great to be in the living room of Thompson’s in Warwickshire with your family members.
    I always feel I am there when I listen those episodes.

    Thank you very much and I enjoyed this episode very much and I have listend few times and still enjoy it!!

    And… about snooker. I wanted to tell…
    I played snooker once and I felt it was quite difficult to play. Because of huge table and small pockets.
    I know it is very famous in UK and some other countries. It is an amazing cue sports. I believe if someone watch Ronnie O’Sullivan plays, they must think it is a great sports to watch.
    But, pool is much more popular in some other places including Japan, I prefer playing and watching pool billiards.

    • Snooker seems to me to be an almost impossible game to master so I’m always impressed by the pro snooker players. Pool’s popular in the UK too, in pubs. :)

      • Eri Taguchi

        I agree that Snooker would be very difficult to play.
        Have you ever played it???
        It should be very difficult to place white cue ball where you can pocket next ball thinking about next ball.
        Pool on Pub’s??
        Pool hall I usually play surve alcohole drinks,but I do not see somone drink alcohoke drinkis toomuch.
        I wish cue spors wouldbe more popular.

      • I’ve never played snooker, but I bet it’s really difficult because the table is so big.
        Yes we usually play pool in pubs in the UK. People drink beer and play pool. In fact, I usually find that my playing improves after one or two drinks, but then it gets worse after more than that!

      • Eri Taguchi

        Some says they need some drinks to play well.

        I feel I must go UK when Mosconi Cup is there to see it and go pool hall.

        There is a wonderful YouTube video Ronnie O’Sullivan plays snooker.

  • Inigo

    I’m worry to say that it’s been a “GREAT” episode because I will sound silly to your funny mum but it has been indeed. I also met ma’am once. It was 25 years ago at Barbican Centre in London and at that time she already looked like your mum has described her.
    Greetings to The Thompson from Basque Country Spain. As Mr. Trump would say: You all are hUGE, you all are fantastic.

  • Artur Domin

    Excellent impersonation of Pablo Francesco impersonation :) I guess it would be impersonation at square two /if that was your intention :)
    On the youtube there is a nice piece, where Henry Rollins is telling his story, how it all started with The Black Flag.

  • Agnes

    I love this kind of episodes:-) I like listening true stories, like bumping to Queen. I started watched ” A royal night out” yesterday but didn’t finish unfortunately due to late night, it’s really interesting film about a young Queen Elizabeth II.

    Nice to hear about all crazy competitions in your home Luke during the Christmas, congrats to winners!

    have a lovely day

    • Catherine Bear

      So do I! :)

  • LEP is an English learning essential . Teacher Luke was born to teach ESL around the globe . Fun is an integral part of his language adventure . A new way to see life . It’s a podcast that claims to be the best of its kind . What a cracker !

  • Ptholome

    the 405 episode is ready to be transcribed.


    The Orion team

  • Catherine Bear

    I hope, the Queen will stay healthy — God safe your gorgeous Queen!

    I think, your Uncle Nic and your Mum will approve of her white gloves — for health & safety reasons. So many sick people around these days… :)

  • Catherine Bear

    Wow, lucky generation of Nic and Rick — to meet all these famous people.
    Good old times!

    In the beginning, I thought of J.K. Rowling, but I was utterly wrong, of course. :)

    I didn’t know that the Windsors were Germans. Like Romanovs of Russia — they were Germans too. Just look at the Princess Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg… :)

  • Nick

    I’d really like to see how James was looking at Luke when Luke said: Don’t look at me like that! They don’t understand what you’ve just said!! And James answered in such a surprised tone: mow her lawn?! :))

    It’s really nice from you Luke to remember about your listeners and to ask everybody to explain difficult moments.

    And thank to all your family for sharing your Christmas with us! I think we all look forward to listen to new episodes with members of your family, Luke. Personally I’d like to hear ramblings between you, your dad and James. I think it’ll be an interesting conversation.


    – James can you be a bit positive?
    – Yeah!
    – It’s been great… Really? Really James?
    – Yes.

    • Catherine Bear

      This dialogue has also stuck with me. :)

      Well, there will be one with the three any time soon — the long expected SW episode, with the Three Terrific Thompsons! :)

      • Nick

        Cat use your good influence on Luke ;)) I want the Three Terrific Thompsons as soon as possible :))

      • Catherine Bear

        No magic or Force Whispering needed here. It’s already in preparation, I truely believe. He’s promised. ;)

      • Nick

        When? (o_O)/

      • Catherine Bear

        Patience you must have my young Nick ;)

      • Steady on Cat, I didn’t get the chance to record anything about SW with them so don’t count your chickens.

      • Catherine Bear

        Oh… We’re doomed… Who tricked me to go this way… :(
        I’ve got to rest before I fall apart… :(
        Don’t call me a mindless philosopher! And don’t deactivate me!


        PS: There is always A New Hope! ;)

      • Nick

        Yes, we must hold your beloved animals, Cat :)

      • Catherine Bear

        Oh yes, definitely. :)
        Hopefully Luke’s not anxious with me…
        I have to keep quiet ………………………………….. :-X

      • Absolutely furious!


  • Nick

    Cool photo, Luke ;) Who did it?

    • A LEPster called Adam Dembinski. Here are some more of his pics (he’s just started experimenting with a new camera) tookapic.com/billa82bong

      • Nick

        Indeed, so many talents among LEPsters!

      • Catherine Bear

        Cool job, Adam! Well done! :)