78. Christmas – It’s all about Family (with James)

(Luke played song “12 days of Christmas” and was singing with the song)
(song plays)
J: I seem to feel quite Christmassy now.
(song plays)
L: “On the second day of Christmas,
My true love sent to me,
Two Turtle Doves,
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.”
J: Was it the same “Partridge in a Pear Tree” as day one?
L: I think he’s been given “Two Partridges”, “Two Pear Trees” and “Two Turtle Doves” now.
J: I don’t think it’s intended it that way. It sounds like that, but I don’t believe he’s going to give everything on the list every day. Surely…
L: That’s what they’re saying.
J: Yeah, but it’s not that literal.
(song plays)
J: No, he only… That’s “Three Partridge” on the third day. It doesn’t say then another two.
L: That’s what they’re saying.
J: You’re reading too much into it.
L: I am not. I’m just taking it literally.
J: That song would be “Oh and also from the day two add those other things” and on the day one as well…
L: Eventually…
J: …it’s a memory game. That’s just a memory game.
L: Taking the fun out of this.
(song plays)
L: This is the best bit.
(song plays)
J: Can you stop it now? Where is the stop button?
(James turned off song)