78. Christmas – It’s all about Family (with James)

J: You’ve got the general idea.
L: Yeah. I think that’s probably a good moment for us to end this episode.
J: Okay.
L: I’ve got loads of other things on the list.
J: Let’s just quickly skip through them. Anything that really…
L: “Giving and receiving goods”, “Giving and receiving gifts”.
J: We kind of covered that.
L: “Wrapping gifts up in wrapping paper”, “Listening to Christmas music, while you’re doing it”, “The obligatory winter cold, which you always pick up at this time of year”, which we’ve done., “Travelling back to your parents house, which we’ve already done”. “Driving home for Christmas” Chris Rea.
J:. And also a little phrase “What are you doing for Christmas?”
L: “What are you doing for Christmas?”
J: “What are you doing for Christmas, Luke?”
L: “I’m just going back to my parents house.” There you go.
J: That’s that covered.
L: That’s a little bit of social English for you.
J: There you go.
L: “What are you doing for Christmas, James”
J: “Oh, I’m going to shoot up to Birmingham and see my friends and family”
L: Lovely. “Christmas movies.” It’s always like movies that are filmed around the Christmas period. Like for example “Die hard”, The “die hard” movie seem to take place at Christmas. For some reason Bruce Willis always seems to be fighting terrorists at Christmas. Why is that? He’s not very lucky, is he as a person?
J: So Christmassy, I don’t know.
L: There is always a… There is always some sort of action hero killing people at Christmas, I don’t know why. When we go home, we relax, but our mum actually is even busier than she normally is, because she has to cook all of the food. She has to like organize everything. She is responsible for like managing Christmas. So, you know, respect to mum.
J: Respect to your mother. And help out when you can. Do the washing up, like I never do.
L: That’s right. Yeah.
J: No, I do sometimes.
L: And we give gifts and… it’s like romantic… it can be a romantic time of year with your girlfriend. Right?
J: Yeah.
L: Are you buying something special for your girlfriend?
J: I don’t know. Yeah. Something. I’m not sure what yet.
L: You should do.
J: I’m going to get for something. I just don’t know what I’m… I’m going to go for something.
L: Don’t overreact.
J: She likes cider. I might get a big vat of cider. Is that romantic?
L: Big plastic bottle of cider.
L: It’s not really romantic.
J: That was a joke.
L: You’re meant to buy like a bit of jewellery maybe, something special.
J: Okay, I’ll think about it. I’ll get her some jewellery, something special.
L: Okay. “Christmas Eve” we talked about kids get excited. “Christmas Day” of course is when you have like your meal of turkey. That’s when you open the Christmas presents and that’s when also you fall asleep in front of the television.
J: Can I just point out. A lot of British people drink a lot of alcohol…
L: Yeah, too much.
J: It’s kind of a cliche, but it’s also true that a lot of people just drink a hell of a lot and it’s kind of part of the ritual part of the fun of it but also a bit sad in a way.
L: Yeah.
J: But another reference as well as watching Eastenders’ Christmas, which you should watch, which has a really horrible… There is always something horrible happens on Eastenders at Christmas. You should watch a sitcom, you could probably find it on Youtube called “The Royale Family”. It’s not our Royal Family, the King and Queen, it’s a play on that and it’s spelled R-O-Y-A -L-E.
L: It’s Royal with an E at the end. And it’s about an ordinary working class family in the North of England.
J: Very working class. And it’s very funny.
L: Yeah. It’s good show.
J: Check that out.
L: Also you get “The Queen’s speech”. The Queen does a speech every Christmas day, which is pretty boring.
J: It’s really boring, but it’s a tradition to watch it and we all go “Oh, yeah.”
L: And when Queen comes on, you know, she goes “This year, I’ve been involved in number of charity events during the year”
J: And she goes “This has been my annus horribilis”, which you have to know Latin to understand. “This has been my 52nd year as Queen of the Realm. It has been a turbulent year, I know, there’s been some riots and…” “And I would like to extend my gratitude to the Secret Service Agents for not shooting that bloke, what punched Camilla with piece of wood during the London riots”