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I was on the RealLife English Podcast and we talked about why I became an English teacher, doing James Bond impressions and also comedy & how to use humour in learning English. You can listen to it here. More details about Real Life English below. Enjoy!

Last week I was featured in an episode of the Real Life English podcast and I just wanted to share it with you here on my website.

Check out the RealLife English website.

On their website you can:

  • Download this episode
  • Check out other episodes of the Real Life English podcast + more
  • See a vocabulary list with definitions
  • Check out their other learning English resources

RealLife Radio #161 – How to Be Funny in English (Special Guest: Luke’s English Podcast)

Have you heard of RealLife English?

RealLife English is an online community with a mission to inspire, empower, and connect the world through English, both online and in-person.  

It’s run by three English teachers, Justin (USA), Ethan (USA) and Chad (Australia) and they do a podcast, write blog articles, create YouTube videos and also host an online community for social learning. A lot like LEP, they believe in teaching English to the world in a fun, personal and inspiring way.

Recently I spoke to Ethan on the Real Life English podcast (and also recorded an episode of LEP) and we talked about lots of things, including British & American comedy shows, and how to use humour (and alcohol) in learning English. Listen to it above, or on the Real Life English website. I’m sure they’d appreciate some comments from friendly LEPsters.

I’ll be speaking to Ethan in an episode of LEP soon. You can look forward to that in the next few weeks.



  • Amber is fine thanks. I saw her at the weekend and will again this Saturday. We just haven’t had a chance to get together for the podcast recently, but we will.
    However, I did speak to Paul not long ago so expect some contributions from him.
    I think a new Paname episode should appear before too long.

    • Cat

      Marvelous! Thanks for the headups!

  • Cat

    Luke, I hope you will do some joint thing on explaining British comedy on YouTube with Real English Radio, or maybe just an audio. Ethan sounds really nice.

    • Ethan is really nice. I interviewed him for LEP (coming soon – perhaps in about 4 episodes from now). We didn’t talk about comedy though.
      I’m planning an episode about British Comedy TV shows for the podcast soon, but I might be on my own for that one I’m afraid. I could try videoing it, and maybe I could invite Amber to join me.

  • 43route

    Hi Luke, why do comments from your blog come upon my timeline of followed sites? I find it quite annoying that they aren’t actual posts. I am quite new to WP so if you could explain how to stop this I would be grateful. Many thanks.

  • Cat

    Oh, I so much wish that — with help of Luke — we will one day be able to understand and laugh at all those comedy shows!

  • Marta KL

    Listening to all the “other people’s podcasts” with you as a special guest make me feel that you are getting bigger and bigger celebrity in the podcast universe!! Congrats!

    • Cat

      Luke is just the best English online teacher around at the moment.
      Look at his skills set (a comic, a teacher, a great story-teller, a singer etc etc, with a kind, open and simply big heart) — he can take and hunt down any OPP.
      Also, as we know, the force is uniquely strong in him and with him. :)

  • RealLife English Podcast/Radio/Website is for you to navigate the difficult journey of learning. They are grateful for your support and love, and looks forward to coming back stronger than ever. Catch up soon!