104. Brighton Fringe Festival #1 (with Alex, Paul & Moz)

Part 1 of a trilogy of podcasts from the Brighton Fringe Festival. Join me and my friends in Brighton as we discuss various topics. Right-click here to download this episode. Hello Listeners! This is the first of three podcast episodes recorded with comedians Alex Love, Paul Langton and Moz at the Brighton Fringe Festival last […]

667. Four Way Call (with Alex, Moz & Paul)

A lockdown Zoom call with my friends Alex, Paul and Moz which should be a fun but challenging listening exercise. Intro & ending transcripts available. [DOWNLOAD] Click here for information about LEP Premium. Transcript (Intro & Ending) Hello dear listeners and welcome back to the podcast. This episode features a 4-way conversation between three of […]

663. The Lockdown Lying Game with Amber & Paul

Listen to three more stories told by Amber, Paul and Luke – can you guess if they are true or lies? [DOWNLOAD] Introduction Transcript Hello ladies and gents, welcome back to the podcast. Are you ready for your regular dose of English listening practice? Here we go. This is episode number 663 and it is […]

606. The English Seaside (with James)

Explaining and describing the culture of the English seaside experience, with James. [DOWNLOAD] I’m coming to the LEPster meetup on Sunday 28 July 2019. See you there? Where? The Fitzroy Tavern near Oxford Street & Tottenham Court Road. Full address is 16 Charlotte Street, London W1T 2LY. Put the postcode into your google maps app […]

547. Best Jokes from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Studying some jokes told by stand-up comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe comedy festival, and dissecting them for vocabulary. Learn English with some jokes and find out about typical joke structures used by stand-up comedians. Transcripts and jokes available below. [DOWNLOAD] Introduction Transcript This episode is going to contain loads of jokes and their explanations. Listening […]

482. The Murder Mile True Crime Podcast (with Moz) More Creepy Stories of Murders in London

My friend Moz, who runs a murder-themed tour company in London, is back on the podcast to talk about some more creepy stories of crimes from London’s history and his new podcast. Vocabulary list and quiz available below. [DOWNLOAD] Links www.murdermiletours.com www.murdermiletours.com/podcast Notes and Introduction Transcript Moz (aka Michael Buchanan-Dunne) has appeared on the podcast […]

479. Holiday Diary (Part 6) The Madness of Las Vegas / 11 Gambling Idioms

This episode includes anecdotes and descriptions of our short visit to Las Vegas, including stories of more rental car issues, Las Vegas craziness, winning and losing $$$ and 11 English idioms that come from gambling. [DOWNLOAD] ⬇️ Episode script and notes (Idioms list below) ⬇️ Why Vegas? It was just as a stopover between L.A. and other […]

412. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 2)

Here’s part 2 of this episode all about special days and celebrations in the UK throughout the year. Below you will find a transcript and videos. [DOWNLOAD] May 1st and 29th – Bank holidays. There are two Mondays in May when people have the day off work or school and (if we’re lucky!) spend some […]